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**Applied Biological Materials (abm) offers services and/or reagents specific to COVID-19 research. Submit a quote request containing the word ‘COVID-19’ to receive more details.**

Applied Biological Materials (abm) provides high quality research reagents and custom services at incredible prices! We have an extensive range of products and custom services to make abm your one-stop shop for all of your research needs. Our lineup includes:

  • Mycoplasma Decontamination & Detection Services.
  • Cell Immortalization and Stable Cell Line Generation.
  • Lentivirus Production.
  • Adenovirus Production.
  • AAV Production.
  • CHO Cell Antibody Production.
  • Illumina-Certified CSPro Next Generation Sequencing.
  • ISO-Certified PCR/RT-PCR/qPCR Reagents.
  • siRNA/miRNA/CRISPR Vectors.
  • Viral Expression Vectors (Lentivirus, AAV, Adenovirus, HSV, Baculovirus).
  • Growth Factors.
  • HSV Production.
  • Baculovirus Production.
  • CRISPR Knock-Out/Knock-In Cell Lines
  • H&E and IHC Staining.

Making scientific discoveries shouldn’t cost you a fortune! Let abm be your primary research partner!

Please contact us for more information on any of our products and available services.

abm applied cells
abm applied cells


Cryopreservation Medium by abm is a ready-to-use complete formulation suitable for the cryopreservation of various types of mammalian cells. With its unique formula this medium can be used to freeze cells cultured in classical media such as DMEM, DMEM/F12, RPMI 1640, and Ham’s F-12, as well as others.

This product is composed of 10% DMSO along with additional optimized components that will improve cell recovery after thawing. Every lot of Cryopreservation Medium by abm is tested for pH, sterility, and endotoxin.

Supplied by Applied Biological Materials (abm). Usually ships in 3 business days.

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology focusses on prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells, relevant enzymes and proteins; applied genetics and molecular biotechnology; genomics and proteomics; applied microbial and cell physiology; environmental biotechnology; process and products and more. The journal welcomes full-length papers and mini-reviews of new and emerging products, processes and technologies.

Mycoplasma Detection Kits – Conventional PCR

Mycoplasma contamination is a serious problem for laboratories due to its impact on cell properties and safety of biological products. Mycoplasma contaminations in cell cultures are unnoticeable (macroscopically as well as microscopically), making routine tests for reliable mycoplasma detection necessary. They represent a serious concern for academic and biopharmaceutical laboratories due to their effects on cell properties and on safety of biological products.
Mycoplasma (term often interchangeably used with Mollicutes, which include Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, and Spiroplasma) are ubiquitous in the environment. In cell culture laboratories, 95 % of all mycoplasma infections in continuous cell lines are caused by as few as six contaminant species of bovine, swine, and human origin. These microbial agents easily spread from an infected cell culture batch to another by aerosol transmission or inadequate aseptic techniques.
Regular mycoplasma testing and control procedures help avoiding the costly consequences of a cell culture contamination and ensuring safe biopharmaceuticals and reliable scientific results. Consequently, most scientific publishers do not accept submission of cell-based studies without proof of the performed mycoplasma tests.
Compared to alternative methods, PCR-based mycoplasma detection kits are rapid, simple and do not require viable mycoplasma, special equipment, or extensive staff training.

Hematoxylin for Biological Stain

17539-34 5G
EUR 46.2

Hematoxylin for Biological Stain

17539-92 25G
EUR 161

Biological Stain Kit, 5 Bottles

43320000-1 1 PK(s)
EUR 76.53

Glutaraldehyde, Biological Grade, 25%

00376-4 4x500ml
EUR 327
Description: 111-30-8

Glutaraldehyde, Biological Grade, 25%

00376-500 500ml
EUR 102
Description: 111-30-8

Glutaraldehyde, Biological Grade, 50%

00377-1 1L
EUR 189
Description: 111-30-8

Glutaraldehyde, Biological Grade, 50%

00377-4 4x1 L
EUR 445
Description: 111-30-8

Glutaraldehyde, Biological Grade, 50%

00377-500 500ml
EUR 101
Description: 111-30-8

Spore Ampoule Biological Indicators

AUT2038 PK50
EUR 392.16

Class II Biological Safety Cabinet - EACH

EUR 16572.6

Arium Pro IE Cartridges Biological - EACH

EUR 1262.25

Biological Indicators Autoclave sterilisation

AUT2028 PK50
EUR 347.7

*Human Prorenin ELISA Kit for Biological Fluids

EUR 528
Description: *Human Prorenin ELISA Kit for Biological Fluids

Human Fibronectin ELISA Kit for Biological Fluids

EUR 528
Description: Human Fibronectin ELISA Kit for Biological Fluids